We are proud to annouce that we are dealers for Ranchers Livestock Equipment.  Ranchers Livestock Equipment products are "Built Stronger to Last Longer".

Ranchers' Calving Pens are safe to use, built to last and very versatile. Our customers love all the features that our Calving Pens have.  You can use the calving Pen for a maternity tub, AI use, crowding cows/calves and a sick animal pen.

2 Bale Feeder

8'6" x 15'6"    1100lbs.
The most popular model!

20' grain bunk

20' long x 3' wide x 12" deep

20' bottomless Silage Trough

20' long x 4' wide x 22" deep

24' portable windbreak

7’ tall on 10' legs

24' portable Corral panel
You can use them temporarily in a space or leave them permanently.  Each panel comes with its own set of legs and hinge sockets.  They each have double chain connection and 3/16" chain latch for a positive connection.

Cattle Rub with containment tank
Our Cattle Rub is an excellent way to keep flies and insects off of your cattle.  You can use it year round by bringing it into your yards and the cattle will use it for scratching instead of your fences. 

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Perfect for stressed livestock! All natural! Available from TnT Services!
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